Thursday, 16 October 2014

Is it Just Me?

Does the image above annoy other people?
Who are the owners of these bags? I have never met a woman with a handbag like this. 
And P.S none of those beauty products even look used???
It annoys me when some of my fav bloggers go down this path. I don't get it? Who cares what's in your bag? Mine is usually full of junk and I can neeeeever find my keys. Steve has tried many ways to solve this problem but nope ... it's the Bermuda triangle of keys and phone. And I don't have kids.
I would like to share what's in my bag haha.. Sorry guys no Prada perfume in here. Oh which brings me to who carries 2 bottles of perfume with them everyday???? Actually... mine could probably use a spritz of something as it still smells of beer after one tipped all over it on our trip. Meh!
Rant Over!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Los Angeles to New York

Practicing on all our dodgy honeymoon iPhone footage for the wedding video. 
Please excuse my severe amateur-ness I'm teaching myself Final Cut Pro.

And to all the wonderful people we met on our travels THANK YOU for making our honeymoon one of the best and most memorable trips ever. 

You can see more from our trip here!

Friday, 10 October 2014

couldn't ask for better sister-friends...

From all the years apart living here and there, up's and downs, teen fights over hair straighteners/jeans/shoes/tops or anything really I really do love the place we are at right now.
To many more years of crazy stupid fun Von & Mel... I love you.

Photography by: Jeff Chen

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