Saturday, 11 April 2015

a lot can change in 31 days ...

... so it appears it's been just over a month since my last blog post. There are no apologies or excuses from me.... We've been having a great old time and you know what, not everything has to go online the second it happens.

Anyway the biggest news is that I left that joke of a part time job (I'm talking about you Novo Shoes - HOT TIP: Don't EVER shop there!) and have had to make some tough decisions with the business. Overall I think a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have actually been a lot more positive and just plain enjoying myself for the first time in over 4 years. And with this attitude change came some great opportunities and jobs.

To cut a long story short... I'm effing happy! So now that we're coming into the cooler months and I signed up to Netflix I'm reclaiming my weekends and doing all things that bring us joy...

STRESS...... F#@K IT!

- Thanks Jack Nicholson -

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Organic Merchant's Store

So excited to be able to share with you all a little project I have been working on for the past few months. My dearest friend Lisa and her husband Paul are the two very talented owners of the new Organic Health Food merchants in the Bayside Area - The OM Store.
I must admit I did get a little teary being able to see the window decal I created all the way from Nepean Hwy and I only got more emotional being inside the store and seeing my friends hard work coming together so nicely with all the design work we did together. {It has been a long time since I have been this excited about my design work... it's nice} Check out a few of their products below or even better still come on in for a visit and embrace healthy living.  #theOMstore
I can't believe this little poppet is 2 in a few short weeks... and such a great little helper, how quickly they grow.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

who is SHE?

My sister showed me this video a few months back and it popped up again in my You Tube feed on one very emotional evening after work and it made me laugh again. I felt if you cracked my head open that day at work you would find this chick in there pacing back and forth yelling WHO IS SHE!

It's no secret that I hate working in retail but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
{as a freelance designer you don't have the luxury of knowing when your next job will come up}
I don't hate it for the usual reason people hate retail work (the odd obnoxious customers) I hate the power tripping bitches that manage retail stores and their uneducated lack of 
A. People skills & B. Fair Work Practises.

To sum up what could possibly turn into a massive rant like in the video above I received 4 written warnings in one day and then another 1 on my day off..... that's right an official written warning for something that happened in-store on my day off??? To top it off I was badgered and critiqued for everything that was wrong with the store and it's staff performance and threatened with more warnings if there is no improvement overall as a store. (mind you I am 1 of 4 other CASUAL staff members, not the store manager) I offered to look after the store when the old manager stepped down and after the most condescending conversation I have ever had with another staff member she informed me that I was under qualified for the position.... interesting when she hadn't even asked about my qualifications or read my resume.

So... the point of my story is... I have no idea... 
I still felt over a week later that I needed to get it off my chest... I want to know why people who essentially work their way up to a position of "power" (I use the term loosely in this woman's case) feel that they now have right to treat people like garbage. But not just in retail this happens in a lot of jobs. I hear stories all the time about horrible bosses, unfair pressure put on staff, crazy expectations and just plain awkward uncomfortable work environments. Why? What is wrong with people...
 That's why I love freelance work. Yeah I might get lonely at times and wish I had someone to bounce ideas off oh and bombard poor Steve with millions of questions before he gets 2 feet through the front door but hey no office politics and I can do my work and move on.

And now, to move on...

....stupid bitch! 

Monday, 23 February 2015

I blame the doll ...

It's no secret that I hate these ugly dolls. These and those hideous Monster High things. I am not sure what kind of message it's supposed to send little girls but hey it is starting to make sense when I see young girls who prob played with these dolls mere months ago come into my shop resembling their look.

I mean these pre-teen/tween/teen Selina-Ari-Grande looking things come in to my shop and I'm sometimes quite amused at how silly they look. - Yes I know I probably looked just as or even more ridiculous if I think back to my old fashion sense but hey ... at 13 I was most defiantly not allowed to walk out of the house with my fanny on display, nor did I want to. But in some (some) of their defence they do own the look and the self confidence they have is something to admire I suppose.

Well, at least they will have a few good laughs amongst themselves in 5 to 10 years time when they look back at their 5 million selfies on insti ....
And what happened to Barbie? She's even gone all hoochie-mama... contouring, fake lashes and all.
She looks like a "Real Housewife of Beverly Hills"

Saturday, 21 February 2015

My Favourite Colour Is Yellow ...

After an incredibly unsuccessful kickstarter attempt early last year... let's not go there but.... I do like to go through kickstarter every now and then and see if there is anyone else's dream/story I can support as well as be inspired by.

I came across this photographer today Kirsty Mackay with an interesting book she is trying to self publish. A documentary photo book the records 'the age of pink'. It's so interesting to see how much this colour influences our little girls through photos.

'Since the mid - 1980s, not only has pink become a strongly feminine color, but it has reached the level of moral imperative in the age group of three to seven.' - Jo B Paoletti

Check out the video and send her some support also be sure to visit her blog for more pics.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Beverly Goldberg

I LOOOOOOOVE this show.
It's my new favourite. I just love everything about it. From reminiscing to our own groovy cane furniture in the kitchen back in the day, the outfits (my god the outfits) how sweet and innocent kids used to be in the 80's, the music I could go on forever. But ol' Bev... well she is the best. I feel she is the Smother I want to strive become when we start a family. - Enjoy that Stevie boy :D

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

what I'm doing now...

I thought it was about time I updated my work portfolio... With odd design jobs popping up here and there as well as refreshing the blog I thought the old resume needed to be updated. After hours of sifting through my archives of work (my old filing system is not as effective as it used to be) I'm exhausted so I thought I would sift through other designers fancy pants portfolios....
There truly is some talented folk out there.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Summer Spring Clean

(Photo from Pinterest)
I have been spending all my free time cleaning out my house this past week. It's crazy how much crap you can accumulate in a short amount of time. (and it's only 2 of us) I thought we had a mass clean out when we moved into our new home coming up to a year ago next month but here we are again throwing out bags and bags of useless trash as well as bags for goodwill. 

I'm trying really hard to stick to my New Year resolution of de-cluttering, giving everything in our home a place to live and to finally making this house look like a home. 
I can't wait to fill these beautifully fresh painted walls with art and photos of all the wonderful memories we have made over the years.

In my cleaning frenzy I started googling some other things that have been on my "TO DO" list for a long long time but didn't really know how to go about it. On my list are things like -

: washing a quilt :
: getting those yellow stains out of pillows :
: how to get that damp smell out of your washing machine : 
: how to stop creeper plants from popping back up in the garden :
just to name a few.

I was hoping to trial the first two on my 2 days off this week but thanks to our wonderful Melbourne weather it has been pouring rain and humid as hell.

So for now the only one I have tested is the washer wash. I found this one on Pinterest and it has worked a treat. The only thing I changed was the vinegar for some Canesten Hygiene Rinse because we hate the smell of vinegar and don't even keep it in the house. Worked a treat! Thank you Life. Love.Larson for your post.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

No more "TO DO" lists just "DONE LISTS"

Steve always shakes his head every time I utter the words "IT'S ON MY TO DO LIST" mainly because he knows that it means I either forgot to do it, I'm procrastinating about it or just flat out can't be bothered and will probably never get done. Over the break he said how about you have a resolution of a "DONE LIST" this year? - I loved it,  it was the words I needed to hear out loud.

So one of my new years resolutions is to got through a daily to do list as opposed to continually adding and adding to my a never ending/unrealistic list. Another resolution this year is to ask for help when I need it. I tend to have this overwhelming & stubborn need do do everything by-myself that it ends up making me chase my tail and only get half of my jobs done and then stressing and dwelling on what I didn't do than enjoy the great work I did do.

I think I felt this bad habit of mine the most last year when it came to the wedding. I didn't enjoy the lead up time as much as I probably should have (don't get me wrong I had a ball planning and felt a great sense of accomplishment on the day) due to always thinking/stressing about what the next task or job was and not having enough time to do it myself as opposed to enjoying the present moment. Same thing happened on our honeymoon I found myself at times thinking about all the work I had waiting for me at home.... and what for??? to get home and find out that all my months of hard work had been messed up by a lying, incompetent manufacturer. I let that little negative then spiral me into a negative pit of....well pity!

SO NO MORE! I am going to get some more help as well as learning how to use little word I'm afraid of saying "NO". I have to stop taking on more work than there are hours in a day.

To a more positive 2015, enjoying each day as it comes and to getting shit done.
7 days in and so far so good.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Feeling Fresh

Hello 2015.
It's a fresh new year so I thought why not a fresh new look and start to the blogging year? I am in love with how it turned out and so excited to share it with you all. I'm a great procrastinator at the best of times (mainly when it comes to my own personal projects though this blog and home D.I.Y's are my worst oh and paying bills if you ask Steve) and revamping the blog has been on my "TO DO" list forever and a day. Unfortunately it has always been pushed to the back of the priority line. BUT, one of my resolutions this year is to be more organised and proactive (lame as it sounds) but I think it finally has to be done with all the exciting projects we have going on at the moment.

So here it is...
We hope you love it as much as we do and have a look around... We have added a few more features and pages including links to our online store, exciting projects we are working on with some fun new clients to come as well as links to all our social media platforms.

To a happy & bright 2015