Friday, 28 August 2015

baby room inspo

I can go on for days and days.
So many beautiful ideas and creative designers out there.
This weekend we begin the official process of kicking mummy out of her office.
Let the decorating/nesting begin! Good times ahead for daddy ��

(all images from Pinterest - please contact me if you wish to be credited)

Thursday, 27 August 2015

This time last year...

This time last year we were enjoying the last few days of our honeymoon adventure.
Enjoying giant Cocktails at Bubba Gump in Santa Monica, Burgers at Burger Joint in NY and ALL that shopping and sunshine. 12 months on now and we're preparing ourselves for our next big adventure and hanging onto our sanity by seeing the light at the end of this never ending winter.

I have been cleaning out, backing up and filing away old projects on the computer over the past few weeks. (a can of worms) I have found so many great memories and photos that I completely forgot about from all our adventures together, just sitting there in random folders. I couldn't help but think back to how much I loved flicking through old photo albums as a kid and how we have nothing to show our babies excepts for whats on a screen. We have lived in our house for over a year now and we still have no pictures up on the walls. I think this nesting thing people talk about has hit me hard, early and all of a sudden because I have an overwhelming need to redecorate, organise and put together photo albums. 

Looking back at all these memories makes me realise how lucky and happy we have been together and these are the moments I want to share with our little ones but not on an iPad or laptop it's just not the same.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

PS: Coffee ... i miss you

My biggest vice in life. Coffee
I have given up many things in my diet before but coffee has never been one of them. I see all this beautiful photography on Pinterest and I want to die... in a pool of coffee.
{Photos from Pinterest}

Monday, 10 August 2015

my 1 tip for giving "top 10 tips on motherhood/pregnancy/parenting"

Yep! Just shut the hell up.
You're not a doctor or a specialist and they are just so dam condescending, snooty and annoying.
Ever since we found out we are having a baby we have both been doing the usual google self diagnosis MD or searching for nursery supplies and so on that our news feed is now bombarded with all these mommy blogger "top tips", you know the ones they usually start with.... O.M.G no one told me how hard a baby would be la la la here are the 10 things that saved me... And I just want to slam my face on the keyboard. You know they have probably copied and pasted the tips off some other bloggers page because all these "life saving" tips are the same... sleep when the baby sleeps, you MUST have {insert overpriced item here} and so on.

I'm putting my hatred towards these kind of blogs in writing just so I can look back {as I always love doing} after baby comes and my hormones alter my brain and I don't do the same sickening thing on my blog. If there's one thing we are certain being one of the last of all our friends to have kids is that babies are NOT a walk in the park. It's not going to be easy but we're excited nonetheless. 

So no bloggers we don't need your sponsored copy paste tips on how to be new parents because newsflash... everyone is different and so are all babies.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

if we have a boy...

Every time I see this ad on TV for the multicultural round I can't help but think if we have a boy that this may be my future and I will very soon be outnumbered in the Toth household. No more TV for me.. But as Steve keeps reminding me Boy or Girl it will be a North fanatic so I better start making my peace with it now. He is pretty cute but and if anything I hope our baby (boy or girl) is as brilliant at maths and statistics as this child and his/her daddy.

I guess the nausea is gone and excitement of this new baby is finally starting to kick in. I hope I haven't just jinxed myself.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

i watch Rachael Ray on mute ...

Food aversions have been one of my biggest issues in my first trimester and all my Go-2 meals have been no go's and much to Steve's disappointment my energy level for cooking was zero.
The Food Network lately has become my new best friend. - Crime channel used to be my number 1 but with little ears growing in my belly I'm paranoid of grooming a serial killer... plus it was making me cry all the time. - Anyway.

I stumbled upon Rachael Ray's Week in a Day show (Johnny come lately I know) and I couldn't decide if I'm for or against Ray Ray... until I put her on mute. I realised it's her talking that irritated the crap out of me and was putting me off her food/show oh, and maybe the fact that she has no self control with onion and cilantro. Since my mute discovery I have learnt a few nifty tricks from her. She does have some fatty and often weird concoctions that I substitute with a healthier alternative or remove all together but all in all what we have tried has been a winner. We made Chorizo Chili Polenta variation the other night that was pretty good. Find her recipe here.

We cut onion, garlic, chili and ginger from our diet about 2 years ago for health reasons and have found that food tastes SO much better without it, this recipe is one of those (I did add a very mild chili though in this case) you can actually taste all the other ingredients. The downside is we have become super sensitive to onion and garlic and instantly know if we are at a good restaurant or not.

So... if Rachael Ray is also not your thing put her on mute and give it another chance haha.

Monday, 3 August 2015

a little bit of good news.

Well I guess it's about time I explain my absence from blogging lately...
Steve and I are so thrilled to announce that we are expanding our little family of 2.
It's been a rough few months to be honest. Everyone tells you how hard it is and I have always been quite resilient when it comes to being sick or under the weather but this.... this is something else.
I was a little cocky at the start thinking I had no morning sickness but as soon as I said it out loud it was like the universe opened up and said: OOOOHHHH REEEALLLLY NOW? 
I'm usually the one who gets sick pops a few codral night + day and keeps going. There is no codral for this. Nope. I refer to it as the never ending hangover.

I'm praying that it gets a little easier this second trimester - at least that's what everyone keeps telling me - and not looking forward to the all mighty third trimester when you are apparently so uncomfortable but can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and this will all be worth it. 

So here is to the next big adventure in our life together Stevie. You will be a wonderful father.
I love you.

Photography by : Jeph Chen

Sunday, 26 July 2015

A year ago today...

I made the best decision of my life.
They say the first year of marriage is the hardest... Maybe we are the lucky ones because for me it was the best. It still feels like yesterday that we got married time has just gone way too fast.
I want to say thank you, for being the kindest most supportive and loving husband anyone can ask for. I can't wait for what the next 12 months has in store for us.
Love you
 Photos Credit: Jeff Chen

Thursday, 16 July 2015

It's people like this...

Sometimes I read blogs and I can't help but make this face.
I gave in and watched E's Fashion bloggers the other day and it just cemented the fact that most bloggers are a bunch of wankers.  I mean how deluded can some people be? 

I have had a few encounters with bloggers in the past that I thought I could collaborate with. I can say this with all honesty the response (if any) is usually less than the friendly, go-lucky, oh my life is so positive and perfect, love love love image they like to portray on their websites. I had one in particular send me her set of rules and conditions of working with her. All items to be chosen by blogger delivery at no cost to blogger, the items will not be returned and these are my fees (upfront). As rude as I thought it was I went against my better judgement and proceeded. When we showed what we wished to promote it was apparently not high end enough and she was no longer interested in working with us. When we offered a product that was still in the development process worth a few hundred dollars she was suddenly very keen to work with us again. We pulled the plug as this is not the type of person we want our brand associated with.

I like blogging, but I like blogging for me. I love going back and reminiscing over places we've been, the ups and downs of the business (yes even the downs) even if no one is listening. I have said this before I don't necessarily disagree with sponsored posts and they don't bother me as much on some blogs I read when it's something that they genuinely use and are somewhat relatable. Good on them if they can make some extra cash on the side but seriously.... Case in point the bimbos below, I can barely hear them talk. It's not a message I like, they are so materialistic and I don't envy them or their all white apartments and sheep fashion lifestyle. I feel kind of sorry for them and the ones that have young children that are passing this 'lot's of pretty things make us happy' mentality onto them is really sad.

Friday, 12 June 2015

oh FRANKSTON you big weirdo you ... we do love you

Good ol' Frankston, there's never a dull moment.
We got up at the crack of dawn for part one of our market sales last Sunday. Let's just say my intention to put a few items on the blog was too bigger task once my sis and I joined forces in the closet department. We did quite well overall but I think the best part of the day was hanging out with these 3 clowns and and spending most of our profits on the food trucks in the background... we deserved it. Next stop Bentleigh or Camberwell we still can't agree.